Favicon TRANS.pngSecure Payment

  1. Credit cards - Paypal: In case of purchase of goods with payment Credit Card, contextually to the conclusion of the online transaction, the reference bank will authorize only the amount of the purchase price.
  2. In case of cancellation of order either by the Customer or in case of non-acceptance of the same by TEKNASHOP Ltd, prompted by the same TEKNASHOP Ltd the cancellation of the transaction and release the amount involved. The times of svincolo, for some types of cards, depend exclusively from the banking system and can arrive until their natural expiration (24° day from the authorization date). Once carried out the cancellation of the transaction, in no case TEKNASHOP Ltd can be held responsible for any damages, direct or indirect, caused by delay in the failure to release the amount committed by the banking system.
  3. TEKNASHOP Ltd reserves the right to charge the credit card of the customer to avoid the expiry of the authorization of the transaction that occurs the 23° day.
  4. TEKNASHOP Ltd reserves the right to request additional information from the Customer (e.g. fixed telephone number) or sending copies of documents proving the ownership of the Paper used. In the absence of the required documentation, TEKNASHOP Ltd reserves the right not to accept the order.
  5. At no time during the purchase procedure TEKNASHOP Ltd is able to know information about the buyer's credit card, transmitted through secure connection directly to the website of the bank that handles the transaction. No computer archive of TEKNASHOP Ltd retain such data. In no case TEKNASHOP Ltd can be held responsible for eventual fraudulent and undue use of credit cards by third parties upon payment of products purchased on TEKNASHOP Ltd.
  6. Bank transfer in Advance: The form of payment is not available on all items in the catalog. Any limitations are clearly highlighted within the shopping cart. In the case of payment by Bank Transfer in Advance, in order to book the goods with the availability displayed at the time of the order, you will need to provide the accounting of the transfer to be sent to TEKNASHOP Ltd (via fax or email) within and not later than 2 working days from the date of acceptance of the order. The sending of the ordered happen only when the actual crediting of the amount due on the c/c TEKNASHOP Ltd which must take place within 5 working days from the date of acceptance of the order. Exceeded such expirations, the order will be automatically canceled. The purpose of the bank transfer must contain:
  • the reference number of the order;
  • the date of execution of the order;
  • name and surname of the order