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Thyie - Cupid -, Crew-Neck, Burnished Metal With Heart View larger

Thyie - Cupid -, Crew-Neck, Burnished Metal With Heart Pendant


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Crew-neck, Burnished metal with heart pendant

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Crew-neck, Burnished metal with heart pendant
Thyie Original

Elegant necklace and Economic ? Woman


Crew-neck, burnished metal (nickel-free)
Crew neck formed by cylindrical elements in burnished metal with HEART pendant

Material: burnished Metal without nickel
Measures chain: 40cm
Measures pendant size: 8 cm

Visual Effect:
Fascinating the effect of burnished metal with its typical color between dark gray and black gives a mysterious effect to the wearer.
The heart, symbol of love, enclosed in a dark metal and polished symbol of safety and strength of the wearer.
Cupid, this time striking a determined woman, ready to break the rules and transgress!

The metal-filled makes its presence felt in the neck. The feeling of the cold metal on your neck as soon as you wear it, it disappears after a few minutes the same heat of the body warms up, becoming a perfect ornament to remember the power of Love emanating from the wearer

The Story:
Cupid was a young man, naked and beautiful, armed with a bow with which chaffed the infallible arrows by the which the wound was created the mal d?love.

The personification of the irresistible force that drives human beings towards one l?other.

He was worshipped not only as the god of?love, but also as a protector of friendships between men.

Cupid was the son of Aphrodite and Ares. Not the newly born Zeus to only look at it knew how much trouble he would have combined the child and tried to convince Aphrodite to suppress it.

Then Aphrodite, to save him from Zeus, made him up in hiding in the woods where the wild beasts he raised and nurtured.

As soon as the child was big enough to use a bow, if he built one of ash and arrows of the cypress, he taught himself l?use dell?weapon by training with the animals in?the art of wounding men and gods.

Did not spare even the mother who, scoccandole to betrayal an arrow, fell in love with Adonis (the one true love of the goddess") who was later killed by Ares jealous.

Aphrodite, jealous of the beauty of Psyche, he prayed to Love, because the did fall in love of the poorest of mortals to take it off in front of.

The god, seeing the girl he was enchanted, l?he loved without revealing to her who he was and without being ever look otherwise he would have lost. Psyche induced by the sisters, unable to resist the temptation, and one night lit a lamp and looked at him, but the god woke up with a start for a sketch of the d?oil disappeared.

Psyche sought in vain his love, while Aphrodite humiliated and do during his research. Finally, the two were Cupid and obtained from Zeus that his beloved was placed among the immortals.

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