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Thyie - Gea -, Crew-Neck, Burnished Metal Pendant Triangle


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Crew-neck, Burnished metal (nickel-free) pendant triangle

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Crew-neck, Burnished metal (without nickel) with a pendant Triangle
Thyie Original - Collection GEA
Necklace for A Woman who dresses Elegant

Crew neck formed by cylindrical elements in burnished metal with a pendant TRIANGLE

Material: burnished Metal without nickel
Measurements Necklace: 42 cm
Measures pendant size: 30x30 mm

Visual Effect:
Fascinating the effect of burnished metal with its typical color between dark gray and black gives a mysterious effect to the wearer.
The Triangle, symbol of creation, enclosed in a dark metal and polished symbol of purity and creativity of the wearer.
GEA is an active woman, cheerful, full of ideas and committed, ready to offer his help when you need it!

The metal-filled makes its presence felt in the neck. The feeling of the cold metal on your neck as soon as you wear it, it disappears after a few minutes the same heat of the body warms up, becoming a perfect ornament to remember the power of Love emanating from the wearer

The Story:
Inspired by the world of Greek mythology, the first collection of THYIE could not be called GEA.

The collection GEA is inspired by the mythological character, and then wants to be ?before essence? of the modern woman and at the same time the prophet of the new trends and new emotions

GEA is a god primigenia, which dates back in other words?the origin of the world and of the gods, which was one of the first four essences together with Chaos, Tartarus, and Love: Gea, is the second primordial element, not born from the Chaos, but arises spontaneously.

GAEA is the great mother Earth from which they were born, without marriage, Urà no, the sky, and the Pònto, the sea, and Eros, that is, l?love the creator of life.

GEA expressed prophetic activity, as many stories prove it.

Just remember his presence as gods oracle in Delphi, before Apollo and is about© his frequent prophetic warnings to Zeus on the danger of a possible son that l?would have dethroned.

She was worshiped as a goddess of the earth. Was depicted half-figure emerging from the ground.

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