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Bag clutch woman/girl Betty Boop - Black - 1679


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Bag clutch woman/girl Betty Boop - Black - 1679

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Bag clutch woman/girl Betty Boop - Black - 1679

Handbag walking / clutch bag woman with handle ch

Material: Faux leather glossy

Color: BLACK

Handle: with handle ch

Small format

Measures: 11.5 x 3.5 cm

Internal pockets:

2 internal pockets, one with zip closure


on the front picture print picture of Betty Boop, external closure with zip, a pendant in the shape of a cuorecolore red


Betty Boop was created in 1931 by the intuition of the brothers Fleischer, who in competition with Walt Disney decided to create a character of transgression that goes against the canons of the then characters, the puritans created by the other houses, thus was born the character of Betty Boop.

To delineate such a character in the brothers Fleischer made use of the likeness of famous actresses such as Mae West, for body, Helen Kane to the face, and Betty Grable for much character bursting out of the actress and the character.

The charming Betty Boop is definitely the sexiest character in the history of comics.

The public liked it very much especially for his physical features and his movements from sexy woman, she used to get up on a stage with transparent clothing, short skirts and plunging necklines that put for the first time, highlighting the shapes of the breast.

In 1934, following to the huge success it was also a comic and at the same time this censorship made its impact on the character stopping the success. To ensure that the complaint was in any way affected, you tried to change the clothes of the character and in fact, in one of the last short films and Betty Boop appears dressed up you walk, in a funny gown and with the sad face, well more so than you were used to seeing. The character and also the comics were gradually changed until 1939, when it was decided to permanently close the series.

That was the first cartoon erotic had been anticipated several decades, the characters passed to the history as Jessica Rabbit, who has inherited from the Boop is the character, the attitude.

But at the expense of the censorship and Betty Boop is still one of the most famous characters of the world of cartoons

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