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    • PJ Masks 10 Inch 17 cm Boys Fixed Gear Blue - Teknashop Ltd

    PJ Masks 10 Inch 17 cm Boys Fixed Gear Blue

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    PJ Masks 10 Inch 17 cm Boys Fixed Gear Blue

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    Learning to ride a bike takes time, courage and perseverance! But with some superhero power, it progresses effortlessly. This blue PJ Masks children's bike from Dino (with a wheel size of 10 inches) is perfect for the novice cyclist. Go on an adventure with your superheroes from PJ Masks on this cheerful bike and have lots of fun riding! A good start! A good basis is the beginning of everything! That is why the best materials have been used for this bicycle. The steel frame with sturdy crossbar guarantees safe and robust quality. The closed chain guard protects little fingers and prevents tears and dirt in clothing. The training wheels ensure balance on the bike. The side wheels allow you to practice pedaling and steering, so you get used to it already. Perfect for those who want to learn how to ride a bike! Suitable for the younger PJ Masks fans With a wheel size of 10 inches, this PJ Masks bike is suitable for younger fans in the age of 2 to 4 years. For example, this boy's bike has sidewheels that are removable. The training wheels make pedaling and steering easier and provide stability. Once cycling is better, you can go a step further without training wheels. The steel frame has a sturdy bar in the middle, which ensures stability and safety. Both the saddle and the handlebars are easily adjustable in height. This is extremely handy when growing along. So the little boy can enjoy it for an extra long time! Get on the bike! This cheerful boy's bike is perfect for real PJ Masks fans! The bike has everything you need. And with some help from the superheroes, learning to ride the bike is even more fun! What boy doesn't want to ride this bike to his friends? General specifications: Color: blue Gender: boys Material frame: steel Material rim: plastic Stem: fixed Seat post suspension: no Front fork suspension: no Weight: approx. 6 kg Age indication: 2 to 4 years Specifications sizes: Wheel size: 10 inch Frame size: 17 cm Body length: 78 to 92 cm Specifications brakes: Front brake type: none Rear brake type: thru-step (driving backwards) Specifications accessories: Chain guard: closed Wheels: yes, detachable Steering board: yes Mudguard: yes, front and rear

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